Keep meaning to post more about Science, but I have been nitpicking myself on accuracy. I believe I shall try to do more citing in my explanatory sorts of posts.

In the meantime, my snazzy prescription glacier glasses have arrived to save me from snow blindness:
Sunglasses are Cool, regardless of whether you are in Antarctica or not.

I also have backup eye protection in the form of these snow goggles, which were the only pair I could find that would fit over my ordinary glasses and which have a tiny fan on them to prevent fogging. I did not realize until I took this picture that they are, basically, larger than my entire head.

Goggles, or facehugger?

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5 Responses to “Gear”

  1. Kathe Says:

    Very cool! Good luck packing!

  2. Anthea Says:

    Oh HELL yes.

  3. Ben Hardy Says:

    That’s so awesome. Those things are almost bigger than yer head!

  4. Christina Says:

    OMG goggles of awesomeness! And hugeness!

  5. cj Says:

    I like the new look! I hope you can get some pictures of you wearing them “at work”

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