Rich’s young ward Waddles has just updated her webpage with pictures of her recent travels. The album also includes a number of examples of Rich’s stunning photography, so I definitely recommend a visit.

My advisor Steve heads home today, if he isn’t delayed by weather again–originally he was scheduled to leave on the 29th, but a bit of a snowstorm blew in. This sort of delay is evidently fairly routine. On the plus side, the snow was lovely and gave us an opportunity to give him a proper send-off.

The day I’m due to leave the Ice, October 9th, is also fast approaching. However, I’ve still got months worth of interesting things to write about. A few things on my list:

  • Something about my own personal segment of the science project, examining the effects of algae slime on sea ice
  • A series of posts about what goes into providing everyone on station with food, water, heat, waste disposal, and fun (thanks to my friend Ramon for asking about this!)
  • A post or four about the Dry Valleys
  • A post about weather at McMurdo and the implications of Condition 3, 2 and 1
  • A post with more details on the Results So Far from our science
  • More about the effects of albedo on weather
  • …and so on.

So I’ll have plenty to write about even after I leave the Ice, possibly with some help from all the amazing people I’ve met here.


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