Sealing the Tent Island study site

Tomorrow morning we’re getting on a helicopter and flying to Garwood Valley, then coming back in the afternoon. This makes me tremendously excited, and we’ve been very busy getting ready. There will undoubtedly be lots of pictures from the trip.

In the meantime, here are some photos from yesterday’s trip out to our Tent Island study site to retrieve our datalogger. The weather was sunny and calm, and the Weddell seals were out in force. Most of these are pregnant females; they’ll have their pups soon.

From Sealing the Study Site

Two Weddell seals bask in the warm (by Antarctic standards) spring sunshine.

You can hear the seals under the ice. They make noises that are difficult to describe–something like the sound effects for a science fiction movie.

From Sealing the Study Site

Rich does his relaxed-seal impression.

From Sealing the Study Site

A frost flower decorates the seals' icy stomping grounds (or galumphing grounds, as the case may be.)

From Sealing the Study Site

The seal is dubious.

From Sealing the Study Site

Weddell seals often lie in one spot for hours at a time, long enough to melt their outline into the ice. (As you can see, they also don't bother with separate toilet facilities.)

From Sealing the Study Site

A seal bids us farewell.


3 Responses to “Sealing the Tent Island study site”

  1. Solomon Says:

    I never realised that seals could give you the evil eye.

  2. green_knight Says:

    Thank you for blogging in such great detail. I’m freezing just reading this…

  3. Marla Says:

    Makes me just slightly guilty for having sealskin slippers (though they are awfully cozy) đŸ™‚

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