Happy Antarctican 2011!

A bit late, since it’s already 8:42 on January 2nd–I took yesterday off. The New Year’s celebration here is quite an experience, a six-hour music festival called Icestock. I’m mainly posting now to announce my intention to try for the Post a Day 2011 Challenge–I’ll post something every day, be it a limerick, an interesting science fact, a photo, or a full-on Science Explanation.

I realized today that I’d already missed the first day of 2011, but I’m weaseling my way in on the theory that it’s still January 1st back in Seattle (for five more minutes!) It may be tricky to post every day when I’m out in the field, but I’ll figure something out with the help of the friendly IT staff and an Iridium satellite phone.

Today I went out to the pressure ridges near Scott Base, formed when winds or currents force the sea ice up against the Ross Ice Shelf.

From Pressure Tour 2011

Goggles: still a bit big. But anything smaller won't fit over my glasses.



One Response to “Happy Antarctican 2011!”

  1. Teri Says:

    The goggles are awesome!

    A pair of goggles should hide
    The wearer from those outside –
    So the person seeing through them
    Can always amuse them-
    Selves with a witty aside.

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