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  1. Jonathan Beall Says:


    Hi, I’m calling WordPress on our satellite phone. So, if I cut out suddenly, or sound a little weird, that’s why.

    Sorry to let you go so long without a post. Packing was a little bit of a scramble, and I found out at the last minute that the shuttle to our plane was rather earlier than I thought it would be. I never quite expected to make it out here on schedule, not after seeing friends get caught in the endless holding pattern of weather delay after weather delay. But yes, we arrived yesterday, right on time.

    The camp was already set up when we arrived. Now, Ruschle, Steve, and Peter spent four days in forty knot winds putting it together on their first trip out. The wind is constant here. On the last trip the rest of the team only got one or two days of calm weather. Fifteen or twenty knots is more typical. The winds steal heat quickly, bare hands go numb within a minute, or mine do. None of the tents are heated, although the kitchen tent does have a heater that be used in a pinch, so we do most of our living just above freezing. Fortunately, the constant wind makes indoors seem practically tropical. We keep warm with hot tea and lots of high calorie food.

    Today it was a bit too windy to go out and do science, so we set up our equipment and went for a short hike to look for the blue ice near camp. This place is amazing and alien and desolate and beautiful, and I’m really looking forward to spending the next three weeks here.

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