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  1. Jonathan Beall Says:


    Hey folks. It’s been another beautiful, sunny day here in the Allen Hills. We mostly don’t seem to have any other sorts, although we did have a little cloud this evening. We also had some rain, a type of precipitation I did not expect to find out here. You see, melting snow for drinking water, cooking, and in fact just hanging around and breathing in our kitchen tent creates a lot of moisture which condenses on the ceiling and freezes. When the wind dies down, the sun warms up the tent and then a minor deluge.

    Aside from that, it’s been a pretty exceptional day. We headed out this morning on snowmobiles to survey our field site. We covered about 30 kilometers all told, visiting several fields of blue ice and some rocky moraines sticking up above the ice field. (A moraine, for the non glaciologists among you, is a pile of debris that a glacier ploughs up as it moves, pushing rock to its front and sides.)

    It’s neat to be out here. You get the experience of being on he ice sheet, with snow and ice stretching out for miles, yet there’s still enough mountains and hills to make for interesting topography. The mountains are beautiful—in that stark, lifeless sort of way that Antarctic mountains are beautiful. The ice fields are mottled blue and white with patches of snow. Driving across them in the sunlight is kind of like driving across the cloud-swept sky, except when you’re driving into the sun, when the whole thing turns to liquid silver stretching out to the horizon, with ripples like the ocean.

    I even stepped into a crevasse today. Too small to fall into, but large enough to be a good object lesson about the importance of watching where you step. So, that’s your moral for today.

    Until tomorrow, signing off…

  2. Amber WB Says:

    I’m assuming you’re reading a prepared manuscript, but between your measured meter and the sat phone occasionally downsampling, you sound like a computer-generated voice. 🙂

    One with really, really good prosody.

  3. Repost: Blue Ice Reconnaissance « Squid on the Ice Says:

    […] Original post, called in on January 12, 2011. Click on the links beneath the photos for their accompanying Picasa albums. […]

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