About the Squid

This blog is a record of my experiences in Antarctica–now updating for Season Two!

The squid drills an ice core.

I am a graduate student at the University of Washington, studying ice. Squid are my personal mascot, because I think cephalopods are pretty amazingly cool (even though I’ve never formally studied marine biology.)


4 Responses to “About the Squid”

  1. Steve Russell Says:

    Awesome, Gina. We are enjoying your amazing experience. Thanks for sharing with your relatives, and the rest of the world. Did I say, AWESOME?


  2. Charlie Finch Says:

    Hi Gina, Liv (aka Morgaine) sent me your link because I just finished reading about Sir Shackleton and thought I would enjoy reading about your adventures. I must say I am envious and hope that you live it to the hilt. I will stay tuned… Charlie

  3. Catey Ritchie Says:

    Hey! So great to meet you and learn about your work. Facinating! Look me up on facebook and let’s stay in touch.

    Catey Ritchie

  4. Renee A Says:

    This is so awesome. We’ve missed you in karate. Its great to see what you’re doing.

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